Finding True Community


My name is Melissa Nelms, and my family and I recently moved to the area from Central Ohio. To say my transition to North Carolina has been difficult would be an understatement. I had lived in Ohio for thirty-five years. I had many neighborhood friends, a gym and gym friends, and church friends in Ohio. I loved my gym and our church. I had my favorite grocery store, Kroger (yes that is important to me). We loved all our doctors and favorite restaurants, and I loved my home.  However, we accepted the challenge of beginning a new life in a new state and looked forward to what the Lord had in store for us here.

The Upheaval of Transition

Once here, it really hit me. No more Kroger. We had to go church shopping. No more close family and friends to spend time with or to help us out in a pinch. And where in the heck is Bob Evan's around here? I have to drive thirty minutes to recommended doctors. What?  How the heck do I prepare for a hurricane? Just breathe Melissa. You can do this!! Just find a community so you don't feel so alone! And I did feel very alone and very isolated.

A Little About Me

I am an Occupational Therapist by trade but currently run my own Colorstreet business from home. I love being an OT and helping people regain lost skills but had not been a full time OT since my youngest daughter had her heart transplant back in 2010. Being a transplant mom comes with special challenges.  One challenge is that your kid gets sicker than most because of immunosuppression. My daughter is amazing and very healthy and is rocking her beautiful heart, but she does require many doctors' appointments and days off from school. So I needed something that could allow me to make money by staying at home.  

Investing in Meaningful Work

I was looking for a gym where I could meet friends and find a network of people to not only hold me accountable, but one that would also help me look forward to coming to the gym.

That is when God put direct sales in my lap. After a few years with another company, I found Colorstreet, and I quickly built an amazing little team. With Colorstreet, we sell dry nail polish strips that require no more than cleaning your nails with alcohol to apply and there is no dry time. I get to help busy moms feel pretty, and my older friends, who may have dexterity issues, get back to doing something special for themselves. It was the OT in me that drew me to the product. Colorstreet allowed me to make money and still help people, which is what I love to do. 

The Search for a Fitness Community

Once we got settled, I was on a mission to find a great gym. Because I work from home, I had trouble meeting people in my new community. I was looking for a gym where I could meet friends and find a network of people to not only hold me accountable, but one that would also help me look forward to coming to the gym. I tried two gyms; one close to home but with a limited variety of group classes (my preferred kind of workout) and the other having tons of classes but a good 30 minute drive on a good day. I went with the second option and gave it a good four months. Everyone was so busy with their "get in and get out" agenda that I hardly even got peoples' names, let alone found potential friends or workout buddies. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

Feeling disheartened one day, I googled group fitness classes near me. The light shined down on my phone as Tinderbox Fitness showed up on my screen. The motto and testimonials told me this could be my fitness home. I visited on a Friday and joined the next Monday. I learned more ladies names that first day than in four months at the other place. I absolutely love the greetings and excitement I get from everyone around me when I am there. I love seeing how everyone treats each other with respect and kindness. I am so excited every day to attend the wide variety of classes. I can jump around and never attend the same class twice in a month, although some days I attend two in a row just because it is so fun!!   I want to thank you, Tinderbox Fitness for Women, for not only being an amazing gym, but also a place for women of all ages to gather and find community!!