Adding Fun Into Fitness

No Judgment fitness Relieves stress & improves confidence


My philosophy as a trainer is FUNctional fitness for you. Exercise should be an enjoyable experience that brings confidence and relieves stress.

Mindset is everything, and removing negative thoughts about failure and judgement from your fitness routine can empower you to find the most success possible through focusing on both the mind and body.

Tailoring a Plan

An individualized workout plan tailored to the client’s needs helps the client find satisfaction in exercise, which encourages them to stick to their goals. The negative mindset that exercise is obligatory and dreadful prevents people from integrating physical activity in their daily lives. Once you find a personal fitness routine that is challenging yet rewarding, you will begin to look forward to your workout sessions. When my clients find pleasure in their sessions and eliminate all negative ideas about themselves and fitness, I see the most results. One pushup can quickly turn into thirty, and that is why I do what I do. Along with physical rewards, exercise is both empowering and fun for the client.

Embrace Your Best You

Learning to let go of past expectations is vital in one’s fitness journey. Comparing yourself with celebrities, friends, and the past version of yourself is not realistic. Embracing where you are currently creates a blank slate in order for you to attain your goals. Remind yourself that there is a way to be your personal best. Personalized training sessions focus on the idea that fitness is not “one-size fits all”. I emphasize to my clients that everybody is different and together we can find the plan that works best for you. In today’s society it is easy to get caught up with beauty standards, but exercise is about the mental and physical transformation in  order to be the happiest version of yourself.

Positivity about yourself and your routine is one of the most important aspects of your wellness. Through positive reinforcement we will celebrate the small victories that help you to reach bigger goals you previously couldn’t imagine. Guidance on proper form and how to perform your routine effectively and safely is very important, and personalized training ensures that you get the most out of your exercises. Your confidence will soar when you see what your body can do. Being mindful of the exercises, what muscles are utilized, and how they can help in everyday life brings inner strength. Transforming your mindset of “I can’t do this” to “I can” may sound cheesy, but this mindset allows you to break your fitness boundaries and find enlightening self-love.

Progress not Perfection

There is always room for improvement in fitness. We can change, vary, and increase our activity. The human body functions more efficiently and effectively when it is active. Through training sessions I focus on discovering exercises you enjoy. Let’s get excited about moving and find an individualized plan that incorporates your needs. Most women are amazed by their progress when they let go of judgement, comparisons, and self-defeating thoughts. Once we move past these mental barriers, your wonderful body and mind will allow happiness and health to shine.