Joy Is the Key to Better Health


The New Year has arrived and with it comes the wild world of resolution-making! As women we set goals of eating healthier, increasing our exercise, losing weight and hopefully making the New Year a “better” year.  New Year’s resolutions should be an opportunity for us, as women, to step back and see what is truly important in our lives. Health? Happiness? Friends? Family? Joy? How about incorporating them all?


Zest Through Variety

Exercise should be an important part of our lives. What if we found an activity that we truly enjoy and incorporate our workouts around that? Exercise shouldn’t be thought of as only strenuous workouts that we dread waking up to do.  There are so many opportunities to be active these days, whether it’s in a gym, a pool, a yard, in a dance studio, in a park, on a mountain trail or in your own home.  Find what makes you happy, and find a way to get moving!


One Step at a Time

Eating healthier can also be a daunting task, but you can do it. Make small changes at a time in your diet and allow forgiveness when you stray from your goal.  You will not fail if you remember that food should be enjoyed and moderation is the goal. Try nutritious new foods and aim to drink more water each day.  These are easy changes that can be made incrementally.  Please pat yourself on the back for every change you make.  That’s fantastic!


Making the Changes Stick

Happiness in exercise will give you the drive to make your New Year’s Resolution stick.  If you find that your exercise program is lacking excitement, try something new! If you enjoy hanging out with your friends, ask if they will join you on a walk around the neighborhood. What if you all met for a group fitness class or shared a small-group Personal Training session? Fitness should be fun! Take a family hike in the mountains or a park.  Teach your kids that exercise is fun and nature always keeps things interesting! Starting kids off enjoying exercise while they are young will help them explore the world in a new way, as well as keep them healthy!

The Bottom Line

At Tinderbox Fitness for Women our primary mission is to lead women to greater wholeness.  Strength, happiness, health and community are the building blocks for living a fulfilled life. The staff and members of Tinderbox Fitness are a community of supportive friends waiting to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions! Join us on your journey!