My Journey to Greater Health


My name is Alexis Daniels (better known as Jazz'A 4 Christ), and I'm a singer and songwriter originally from Florida. 

I've had an infatuation with music since the age of three, and I credit my mother, pastors, and choral teachers with stirring the advancements of my musical abilities throughout my childhood. 

Through formal performing arts training, I expanded my craft and received numerous awards for vocal performance.   My gift for music developed into a career, and then it evolved into a ministry. 

Walking Dead
Being a member of Tinderbox Fitness for Women has worked wonders in my life.  When I first started this weight loss journey, my health was out of control.  I had to have an intervention.  I could no longer effectively minister to people because I was always tired.  Often I had terrible fatigue, and my blood pressure was always elevated. 


I hate to say it, but I was basically the 'WALKING DEAD'. 

I asked God to point me in the direction of a place where I could stay focused, stay true, and stay committed.  He showed me Tinderbox. 

I am so grateful to Laura for stepping up and saving Tinderbox Fitness for Women because what she doesn't know is she is helping to continue to save my life!!!!!

As a singer and songwriter I have a strong belief that music heals and soothes the soul, and in my own life I can attest to this. 

Going through an extensive time period in which I lost my voice, I credit God with granting me the chance to sing again.  Using my music to create positive messages of faith has become the mission for me.  Today I am a proud mother of three children who are the most important part of my life.

Since coming to Tinderbox Fitness for Women, I have lost about 50 pounds, and I have gained new confidence. 

The classes are wonderful, and I enjoy coming to them religiously.  I love the instructors and believe that they are really dedicated and motivated to help the members reach their fitness goals. 

Sharing my Victories
My health is better than ever, and my ministry is expanding.  I have many opportunities to share my music with people of all ages in different cities.  It is especially important to me to inspire young people for Christ. 

The message is ALL God; I'm just bringing it in a new fashion.  It's relatable.  It echoes the past and reaches into the future.  I know it's gonna touch all generations.  I want people to understand God's plan for us. I want them to know that in spite of everything, God is still able, and he loves us. 

Don't give up in tests and trials because that's what makes us stronger!

Have a Listen
If you would like to experience a selection of my music, please click on the following links.  My videos, 'War Cry' and 'Fill Me Up' were produced in 2015. 

When you watch my 'Defeated' video, which was produced in 2018, you will see how far I've come physically in improving my health. 

'War Cry':
'Fill Me Up':