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Happy New Moves Year Challenge begins January 1!

Hello Ladies! For those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Emily, and I am one of the new personal trainers and fitness instructors here at Tinderbox Fitness for Women.

I'm super excited to be here with all of you and also to announce the exciting new workout challenge we have in store for you called Happy New Moves Year Challenge!

Here's how the Happy New Moves Challenge works, starting January 1st:

I will be posting on social media one new exercise a day for 12 days to build an accumulating workout consisting of all 12 exercises.

How the workout builds is that each day you will add on the new exercise for that day, for example, on Day 1 of the Happy New Moves Year Challenge complete Day 1's exercise, on Day 2 complete Day 2's exercise and Day 1's.

Now here is the best part about this challenge, there are prizes! To participate in the Happy New Moves Year Challenge, all you have to do is film yourself completing the designated workout for the day, post it to social media using the two hashtags, #NewMovesYearChallenge and #TinderboxFitnessforWomen, and tag us in your post.

If you complete all 12 days of the challenge and post them to social media, you will be entered into a drawing to win 1-month's free membership here at Tinderbox Fitness for Women!

We'll be doing two drawings, one for members and one for nonmembers, so make sure to share with your friends who are not members!

What do you say, ladies, who is ready to kick off 2019 with the Happy New Moves Year Challenge!